Sunday, August 1, 2010

Terms you always wanted to know but may have been afraid to ask

There are an enormous range of adult toys but most of them fall into several broad categories:

- Powerful vibrators recommended for external use on the clitoris such as a bullet.
Vaginal- Usually somewhat phallic shaped used for vaginal stimulation. Comes in variable textures, materials, colors, and sizes.
Dildo- phallic shaped, non-vibrating, can be made of plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl, pyrex, or latex.
Waterproof- Can be used in the water, such as in the shower. Although marketed as waterproof, most should not be submerged.
Rabbit- Two pronged for stimulation of both the labia and the clitoris.
G-spot- Similar to the traditional vibrator but with a curve tip. The curve makes it easier to stimulate the g-spot.
“Undercover” Vibrators- Vibrators discreetly shaped as every-day objects, such as lipstick tubes, cell phones, or candy bars.
C-Ring (AKA Cock-ring)- A ring that is put around the base of the shaft of the penis and is used to increase orgasm and prolong ejaculation.
Vibrating C-ring (AKA Vibrating Cock-ring)- Vibrator (sometimes cordless) inserted in or attached to a c-ring, usually for stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse.
Dual-Action Vibrators- These vibrators are designed to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously or independently. Usually found in the form of a clitoral stimulator and vaginal stimulator.
Triple-Action Vibrators- These vibrators are designed to stimulate three or more erogenous zones simultaneously or independently. These provide stimulation to the vagina, clitoris, anal regions and/or g-spot.
Male Stimulator Sleeves (AKA Whack-it Jacket or Pocket Pussy)- Primarily designed for a man to use for masturbation, but can also be used as an aid during oral sex, manual stimulation or intercourse.

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